Vallée Casse-Pot    

  • Author: Gars Des Bois
  • La Roche qui Tremble
    Author: Bart van Raaij

This rather confidential area was composed in June 2013 of an old blue circuit, a brand new yellow one and about ten problems of grade 7. Park at the same car park as for Les Mammouths, follow Le Chemin des Crottes au Loup and turn left at the GR13. Pass the start of the yellow circuit up to the start of the blue one a little further, on the left-hand side. The difficult problems are close to there and to the South-West.


Spleen P Loïc Le Denmat overhang


Flora 7c+ Thomas Collignon slightly overhanging, slopers, sitstart
Voyage Voyage 7c+ 8a Manuel Marquès traverse frtl


Petit Voyage 7c Manuel Marquès traverse frtl
Shiba le Furet (assis) 7c Remmelt Dirksen overhang, sitstart
Trilodgia 7c Bernard Théret traverse, slopers


Toujours du Jus 7b+ Manuel Marquès traverse frtl, slopers


Encore un Coup de Ju 7b Julien Nadiras overhang, dyno, expo
Le Grand Navire (gauche) 7b David Evrard prow, sitstart
Mousse Galopante 7b Bernard Théret traverse fltr
Planitude (sortie directe) 7b 7b+ Manuel Marquès traverse frtl, slopers
Plus ou Moins 7b Laurent Darlot wall, underclings, sitstart
Sans Spleen 7b Manuel Marquès overhang
Utinam Remora 7b Benoit B traverse fltr, overhang, sitstart


Casse-Écaille 7a+ overhang, arete
La Bouche du Requin 7a+ 7a overhang
La Bouche qui Tremble 7a+ 7b Romain Grassin traverse frtl, overhang
La Jorgina 7a+ David Evrard, ⋅∴⋅ wall, high, slopers
Le Dos du Requin (direct) 7a+ Laurent Darlot slightly overhanging, slopers, sitstart
Planitude 7a+ 7b ⋅∴⋅ traverse frtl, slopers


Antosyne 7a 7a+ ⋅∴⋅ wall, expo
Bisteak 7a slightly overhanging
Bisteak (direct) 7a slightly overhanging, mantle
Columbo 7a David Evrard slightly overhanging, mantle
Dessous Dessus 7a pillar
L'Étrave Casse-Pot (assis) 7a 7a+ Manuel Marquès prow, high, sitstart
Le Grand Navire 7a prow, sitstart
Les Fosses de Kellux 7a Bernard Théret traverse frtl


Caillou (gauche) 6c+ Laurent Darlot wall, slopers, sitstart
L'Étrave Casse-Pot 6c+ 6c Bernard Théret prow, mantle, high
La Roche qui Tremble 6c+ 6c slightly overhanging
Pierre 6c+ Laurent Darlot, Manuel Marquès wall, crack, traverse fltr
Shiba le Furet 6c+ Bernard Théret overhang, crack


Coinçouille 6c Manuel Marquès overhang, sitstart
Le Clown 6c 6c+ David Evrard roof, arete, sitstart
Le Dos du Requin (assis) 6c slightly overhanging, sitstart
P403 6c David Evrard wall, mantle, sitstart
Retour Maison 6c Manuel Marquès overhang, sitstart
Roche 6c ⋅∴⋅ roof


Le Dos du Requin 6b+ slightly overhanging
Réchappe 6b+ Denis Colson, Arnaud Gobet wall


Caillou 6b Laurent Darlot wall, slopers, sitstart
Le Baisé 6b ⋅∴⋅ roof, sitstart
Le Bombé Gris 6b Denis Colson belly, mantle
Le Cul du Requin (gauche) 6b slightly overhanging, sitstart
Pierre (direct) 6b Denis Colson slightly overhanging, mantle


La Queue du Requin (assis) 6a+ slightly overhanging, sitstart
Tiburon Circus 6a+ Benoit B, Laurène Dupuy overhang
Transmission 6a+ wall


Le Cul du Requin 6a slightly overhanging, sitstart


La Queue du Requin 5+ slightly overhanging, mantle


L'Œil du Requin 5 wall, slightly overhanging


Le Requin Bleu 4+ wall, mantle