Bafana Bafana 7b+ 7c Rocher de la Cathédrale

Tony Fouchereau, Gérald Coste, Olivier Gx
slightly overhanging

In the Bivouac overhang, along the 25 Bosses path. Low start in the overhang with right hand in the jug and a crimp left hand, dyno to the lip and exit without touching the boulder on the left.
NB : 7b/7b+ up to the lip.

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  • 3.6 Stars
  • (12 total)
  • Given grades
  • 7b+: 58.3%
  • 7c: 41.7%
  • (12 total)
Author: Tony Fouchereau
Author: Tony Fouchereau
Starts at 04:07
Climber: Jarno Zwiebel Climber: Christophe Grelaud