Côtes de Courances (Sensitive biological reserve)    

Coquibus is a particular and very sensitive part of the forest which must be treated with the greatest respect by visitors. Its status as a biological reserve allows you to climb there but this could one day be called into question due to too many visitors or irresponsible behavior. We ask climbers to limit their presence or otherwise their impact in the different areas of Coquibus as much as possible. In particular, do not go in groups, do not climb after sunset and do not use electrical devices (drones, fans, radios, etc.). Reduce chalk to the strict minimum, erase all traces of your passage and finally do not brush new boulders. Avoid leaving the paths and keep your dog on a leash from April to July.

Please read our ethics page.
This sector gathers about 40 problems located near Le Chemin des Côtes de Courances, either on its right, towards the sector of Montrouget, or in the North face under the plateau.


Djoumba 8a Thierry Plaud overhang, dyno


Djembé 7c 7b+ Arnaud Ceintre overhang
Le Plein des Sens (aller-retour) 7c Jean-Christophe Guibout traverse fltr, traverse frtl


Hiatus 7b+ Christian Roumégoux slightly overhanging
Hiatus (assis) 7b+ 7c Olivier Lebreton, David Evrard slightly overhanging, dyno, sitstart
Le Plein des Sens 7b+ Thierry Guéguen traverse fltr


Focus 7b 7b+ Thierry Guéguen, Thierry Plaud roof, slightly overhanging, arete
Titanesque 7b 7b+ Thierry Vasseur overhang, dyno
Un Quart de Cercle 7b 7b+ Manuel Marquès slightly overhanging, sitstart


Fluctuat Nec Mergitur (assis) 7a+ David Evrard pillar, sitstart, expo
La Force du Présent 7a+ Manuel Marquès wall, sitstart
La Mémoire du Futur (direct) 7a+ Manuel Marquès roof, sitstart
Pas Normal Celui-Là 7a+ Manuel Marquès slightly overhanging, slopers, sitstart
Ras les Pâquerettes 7a+ Thierry Guéguen roof, sitstart
Spécimen 7a+ 7b Thierry Guéguen roof, slightly overhanging, wall


Darkness 7a Olivier Lebreton dyno, wall
Jasmine 7a prow, sitstart
La Coursive 7a David Evrard slightly overhanging, wall, sitstart
La Mémoire du Futur (gauche) 7a Manuel Marquès roof, sitstart
Le Premier Dé 7a 7b Thierry Guéguen roof


Fluctuat Nec Mergitur 6c+ David Evrard pillar, expo
Philoute (assis) 6c+ Stéphan Denys, Frank Scherrer, Philippe Dumez roof, crack, sitstart
Rampe Tranquillous 6c+ Manuel Marquès traverse frtl, slopers, sitstart


Bornéo 6c 7a Pepito overhang
Corps de Joie 6c Manuel Marquès prow
Cubitus 6c 6b+ Philippe Dumez, Stéphan Denys wall
La Dalle du Cube 6c 7b slab
Le Cœur Slave 6c overhang, slopers, sitstart
Mentor 6c Thierry Guéguen roof, arete, sitstart


Caduque 6b+ Philippe Dumez, Stéphan Denys arete
Le Cœur Croate 6b+ slightly overhanging, traverse fltr, sitstart
Revue de Presse 6b+ Jimmy Zwiebel wall, pillar, sitstart


Django 6b slightly overhanging, sitstart
Philoute 6b Stéphan Denys, Frank Scherrer, Philippe Dumez overhang, crack


Les Pieds dans les Yeux 6a Christian Roumégoux wall, slopers


Djibouti 5 wall
- 5 wall