Houx Ouille 7a Cuvier

sitstart, overhang, slopers
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Climber: Thierry Gounelle
7a? - Anonymous (21-11-2005 12:16)
Acoording to the pictures the rock underneath the overhang was not used by the first ascentionist. This is very eliminant in my opinion because it belongs to the same boulder and it should at least be mentionned in the text.
Of course - tgo (21-11-2005 12:47)
It is obvious, when you climb it - and given the rate -, the boulder underneath is not authorized. It belongs to the same boulder, but the limit is natural and clearly defined.
To summarize, I found the moves (at least 6) interesting and enjoyable to climb.
Talking about conventions, I would rather climb this 7a (I openned it ;)) than some world famous 7a that has only 1 move like Corto where you don't take the crack on your rigth, and don't take the good pocket on your left, which is 6b when you are 1,90m and 7b when 1,60m...

But, I agree with you, the description should mentionned that.
7a? - Anonymous (21-11-2005 15:01)
I agree with you that the moves are good! My reaction was not about the beauty of the problem but about a clear definition on this website. But I prefer problems like la Gaule!
7a? - tgo (21-11-2005 16:51)
For sure, la gaule is better, but then you cannot expect to find new problems like that very often in Cuvier...

Cuvier - Anonymous (21-11-2005 18:21)
Not very often, but last weekend I was very surprised that it is still possible to find problems like Effet de Serre in Cuvier. I had a 'tgo' weekend: climbing Houx Ouille and Hop Hop Hop, finding Effet de Serre and trying la Gaule and Controle Technique!
Très sympa .... - Mr Toto (16-05-2006 19:08)
...ce bloc, bien plus joli à mon gout que bon nombre d'autres passages trop
J'espère qu'il ne deviendra pas trop populaire pour conserver la propreté des ses plats .

Il est dommage qu'il serve selon toutes vraisemblances de refuge aux diarrhéiques du coin qui profitent de l'ombrage du houx pour se soulager .

Pardonnez ma crudité, mais moi je fais popo avant de partir en forêt.
Y a vraiment des crados !!!