Crapovsky 7a Rocher des Demoiselles

dyno, expo
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Climber: Filip Notebaert
Yes ... - Anonymous (09-09-2009 10:44)
I cleaned holds when i opened Crapovsky but i abandoned the project... so, now i have your new boulder to repeat :) see you soon in the forest i hope!
cuicuichan - Anonymous (11-09-2009 18:48)
j'en vois qu'une réponse!
Elle y était avant - uiapiafr (11-09-2009 22:37)
Dans le topo de Maurice Martin
Message to Marc Lehner. - Anonymous (08-09-2009 15:59)
This weekend we were in Demoiselles, we brushed and opend the right exit of Crapovsky. There were some holds brushed, but not enough to say it was cleaned to open the boulder, do you know anything more about the cleaned holds?
Thanks... - Anonymous (09-09-2009 20:18)
for the info, will send you a message when i post de video. It's a big forest but i'm sure we will meet one day, greetz.
Preview - Anonymous (11-09-2009 00:39)