Fenbren le Fou 7b Roche d'Hercule

Loïc de Saint Etienne
slightly overhanging, sitstart

On the second part of the platière after Rince-Mi, to the right of Pas de Panique. Sitstart to the right of El Velibo with both hands on the step and exit directly in the axe of the starting holds.
Caution (June 2018) : the starting hold has become loose!

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Starts at 00:35
Climber: Guillaume Joubert
Gui - Anonymous (10-07-2010 17:33)
yes your rigth pres Mdr
lien video - Anonymous (17-12-2010 15:05)
http://vimeo.com/17918739, debut du bloc a la 35eme seconde
Mistake - Prés' (10-07-2010 01:10)
This isn't Lolïc, es lo muy famoso guillaume joubert...