Broken Heart 6c+ Dame Jouanne

roof, dyno, sitstart
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Climber: Olivier Joanon
Other mistake - Crouch (25-11-2012 14:45)
The first bloc in the video is on crimps 1,5 m to the left of the crack, without the crack.
Ok - Anonymous (25-11-2012 19:34)
It looked so easy for a 7a, now i understand why ;-)) But honesty we have to be very precise for the start when we open new lines.

See you.
-Broken Heart- -Le Psy- - Anonymous (25-11-2012 11:45)
The Boulder in the video is Le Psy!

Broken Heart is the dyno which starts 1,5 m to the left (sit start).

Descriptions - Anonymous (26-11-2012 15:13)
Salut Gérald,

you are right. The description fits to "Le Psy" but it doesn`t fit to the boulder "Broken Heard".
However, the description I sent was a bit different.
I Wrote something like:
Sitstart on the pedestal, climb the roof without using that one, take the crimps on the edge of the roof, dyno to the sloper and exit above.

Kind regards,