Boissy Le Plaid (Hunting area)    

  • Author: Stéphan Denys

Please behave respectfully, especially during the hunting season (Oct-Feb).

This small, low-drying sector, is rather confidential and must be avoided during hunting periods.
Access: follow for about 400m the path that skirts the cemetery up to a bend to the left and take a small path to the right for 50m.


A.C.A.B. 7a Christophe Grelaud, Maël Bonzom, Caz arete, sitstart
Alléluia 7a+ Thierry Guéguen arete
Alpha 5+ Lêk Team wall, mantle
Alpha (assis) 6a Fred wall, mantle, sitstart


Balle Perdue 7a+ Fred wall, slopers


Délisse 5+ Thierry Guéguen wall, slab
Droit d'Hauteur 5+ Thierry Guéguen arete, wall, slab


Échec 7c 7b+ Maxime Baroud overhang, crimps
Épuration 7b 7b+ Laurent Darlot slightly overhanging, crimps, sitstart
Épuration Technique 7b+ 7b Fred slightly overhanging, crimps, sitstart
Expansion 7a Olivier Lebreton overhang, sitstart


Grand Chelem 8a Olivier Lebreton traverse frtl, roof
Grand Large 6c+ Thierry Guéguen wall, crimps


Head Corner Stone 5- Lêk Team arete, wall
Head Corner Stone (droite) 5+ Lêk Team arete, wall


Johnny Rotten 7b+ Fred slightly overhanging, arete, sitstart


L'Appel de la Forêt 7a Thierry Guéguen traverse frtl, slopers
L'Arête du Soir 6b+ David Evrard pillar
L'Arête du Soir (assis) 6c 6c+ David Evrard pillar, slightly overhanging, sitstart
L'Éprouvantable 7a+ Lêk Team prow, sitstart
L'Éprouvantable (droite) 7b 7a+ Lêk Team prow, wall, sitstart
L'Éprouvante 6c Lêk Team prow
L’Appel du Sông Hồng 7a Fred traverse frtl, mantle
La Dorsale 6b+ Christophe Grelaud, Maël Bonzom, Caz arete, sitstart
La Dorsale (gauche) 5+ Christophe Grelaud, Maël Bonzom, Caz arete, sitstart
La Fissure du Soir 6a Lêk Team wall, crimps
La Fissure du Soir (assis) 6c Lêk Team slightly overhanging, crack, sitstart
La Jaune 4+ 5- Lêk Team wall, expo
La Orange 5- Lêk Team wall, high
La Traversée du Grand Large 7a traverse fltr, wall, crimps
La Verte 6b Lêk Team wall, mantle, high
La Violette 6b+ Lêk Team wall
Le Bois Dormant 4+ Thierry Guéguen arete, slab
Le Chelemiste 7b+ Olivier Lebreton roof
Le Dévers du Grand Large 4+ 5- overhang
Le Fou 8a Maxime Baroud overhang, pinches, crimps
Le Mollissoir 5 wall
Le Petit Bombé 7a+ Christophe Grelaud, Maël Bonzom, Caz belly, sitstart
Le Polissoir 7a+ Justin Roupillon overhang, crimps
Le Polissoir (assis) 7b Justin Roupillon overhang, crimps, sitstart
Les Pièces du Fond 5+ Lêk Team crack, slightly overhanging
Longueur d'Onde 7a+ Thierry Guéguen traverse fltr, slopers


Mat 7a Maxime Baroud, Lêk Team overhang, dyno
Mini Chelem 7b David Evrard, Olivier Lebreton, Stéphan Denys traverse frtl, roof


OAP 5+ Markus Neher mantle, slopers, sitstart
Oméga 7a Fred arete, slightly overhanging, mantle


Péché Originel 8a Sébastien Frigault, Mounir Farhat prow, expo
Petit Chelem 7c+ Olivier Lebreton roof
Plat pour Fab 7b Maxime Baroud slightly overhanging, slopers, underclings
Prise en Passant 8a Maxime Baroud slightly overhanging, dyno
Prise en Passant (droite) 7a 6c+ Bart van Raaij wall, dyno
Psychose Sanitaire 6b+ Christophe Grelaud, Maël Bonzom, Caz wall, crimps, sitstart
Psychose Sécuritaire 6c 6c+ Christophe Grelaud, Maël Bonzom, Caz wall, crimps, sitstart


Roque 7b Maxime Baroud arete, crimps


Sinister 7b+ Maxime Baroud, Fred dyno
Sông Hồng 6c Fred mantle


Traits aux Blancs 7a Maxime Baroud wall, crimps


Z 7a Fred wall, dyno
Z (avec l'arête) 6b wall, arete