Boissy Le Plaid (Hunting area)    

  • Author: Stéphan Denys

Please behave respectfully, especially during the hunting season (Oct-Feb).

This small, low-drying sector, is rather confidential and must be avoided during hunting periods.
Access: follow for about 400m the path that skirts the cemetery up to a bend to the left and take a small path to the right for 50m.

Péché Originel 8a Sébastien Frigault, Mounir Farhat prow, expo
Grand Large 6c+ Thierry Guéguen wall, crimps
Alléluia 7a+ Thierry Guéguen arete
Le Polissoir (assis) 7b Justin Roupillon overhang, crimps, sitstart
Mini Chelem 7b David Evrard, Olivier Lebreton, Stéphan Denys traverse frtl, roof
Le Chelemiste 7b+ Olivier Lebreton roof
Petit Chelem 7c+ Olivier Lebreton roof
Z (avec l'arête) 6b wall, arete
La Verte 6b Lêk Team wall, mantle, high
L'Appel de la Forêt 7a Thierry Guéguen traverse frtl, slopers
Grand Chelem 8a Olivier Lebreton traverse frtl, roof
Psychose Sécuritaire 6c 6c+ Christophe Grelaud, Maël Bonzom, Caz wall, crimps, sitstart
L'Éprouvantable 7a+ Lêk Team prow, sitstart
Johnny Rotten 7b+ Fred slightly overhanging, arete, sitstart
La Traversée du Grand Large 7a traverse fltr, wall, crimps
Sinister 7b+ Maxime Baroud, Fred dyno
Le Polissoir 7a+ Justin Roupillon overhang, crimps
Plat pour Fab 7b Maxime Baroud slightly overhanging, slopers, underclings
Épuration Technique 7b+ 7b Fred slightly overhanging, crimps, sitstart
Échec 7c 7b+ Maxime Baroud overhang, crimps
Oméga 7a Fred arete, slightly overhanging, mantle
Mat 7a Maxime Baroud, Lêk Team overhang, dyno
L'Éprouvante 6c Lêk Team prow
Z 7a Fred wall, dyno
Roque 7b Maxime Baroud arete, crimps
Expansion 7a Olivier Lebreton overhang, sitstart
Le Dévers du Grand Large 4+ 5- overhang
L'Arête du Soir (assis) 6c 6c+ David Evrard pillar, slightly overhanging, sitstart
La Jaune 4+ 5- Lêk Team wall, expo
L'Arête du Soir 6b+ David Evrard pillar
Alpha (assis) 6a Fred wall, mantle, sitstart
OAP 5+ Markus Neher mantle, slopers, sitstart
Longueur d'Onde 7a+ Thierry Guéguen traverse fltr, slopers
L'Éprouvantable (droite) 7b 7a+ Lêk Team prow, wall, sitstart
Le Petit Bombé 7a+ Christophe Grelaud, Maël Bonzom, Caz belly, sitstart
Balle Perdue 7a+ Fred wall, slopers
Prise en Passant (droite) 7a 6c+ Bart van Raaij wall, dyno
A.C.A.B. 7a Christophe Grelaud, Maël Bonzom, Caz arete, sitstart
Le Fou 8a Maxime Baroud overhang, pinches, crimps
Alpha 5+ Lêk Team wall, mantle
Épuration 7b 7b+ Laurent Darlot slightly overhanging, crimps, sitstart
L’Appel du Sông Hồng 7a Fred traverse frtl, mantle
La Fissure du Soir (assis) 6c Lêk Team slightly overhanging, crack, sitstart
La Violette 6b+ Lêk Team wall
Prise en Passant 8a Maxime Baroud slightly overhanging, dyno
La Dorsale 6b+ Christophe Grelaud, Maël Bonzom, Caz arete, sitstart
Sông Hồng 6c Fred mantle
La Orange 5- Lêk Team wall, high
La Fissure du Soir 6a Lêk Team wall, crimps
Le Mollissoir 5 wall
Les Pièces du Fond 5+ Lêk Team crack, slightly overhanging
Le Bois Dormant 4+ Thierry Guéguen arete, slab
Droit d'Hauteur 5+ Thierry Guéguen arete, wall, slab
Délisse 5+ Thierry Guéguen wall, slab
Head Corner Stone 5- Lêk Team arete, wall
Head Corner Stone (droite) 5+ Lêk Team arete, wall
Psychose Sanitaire 6b+ Christophe Grelaud, Maël Bonzom, Caz wall, crimps, sitstart
La Dorsale (gauche) 5+ Christophe Grelaud, Maël Bonzom, Caz arete, sitstart
Traits aux Blancs 7a Maxime Baroud wall, crimps