Rocher du Mont Morillon    

This small area is located along the aqueduct, in between Le Rocher de la Salamandre and Le Rocher de Bouligny. About 50 problems have been opened recently (2006-2007) by Gilles Cottray, most of them of grade 6 and in the North face. The landings are good but the boulders are not quick-drying in general. Beware of wild boars, which are numerous in this part of the forest.
Access : park the car along the N152, follow La Route d'Occident to the East and go up the slope at La Route de l'Attraction to get to the center of the area. It is also possible to park at the aqueduct, go along this one up to the GR (blue path), and follow it to the North to reach to the top of the hill.


Fédéraclure 8a+ Jérôme Chaput prow, sitstart


L'Esquive (assis) 8a 7c+ Christophe Grelaud slightly overhanging, slopers, sitstart
Le Maître est Talon (assis) 8a Christophe Grelaud roof, slopers, sitstart


Le Maître est Talon 7c+ 7c Gilles Cottray, Christophe Grelaud slightly overhanging, slopers
Le Regard des Élégantes 7c+ 8a Gilles Cottray traverse frtl, slightly overhanging, slopers


L'Esquive 7c Christophe Grelaud slightly overhanging, crack, slopers
Le Mètre à Droite (assis) 7c Christophe Grelaud roof, sitstart


Karma Gai 7b+ Gilles Cottray slightly overhanging, sitstart
Lésion Prés-Causses 7b+ 7b Tristoon Salson, Christophe Grelaud arete, underclings, sitstart


À ma Zone 7b Gilles Cottray traverse frtl, sitstart
La Gay Pride 7b 7b+ Tony Fouchereau traverse frtl, slopers, sitstart
Le Trublion 7b Manuel Marquès slightly overhanging, slopers
Pur Sang (assis) 7b Fabien Marchand arete, slopers, sitstart
Vengeance de Petit 7b Manuel Marquès traverse fltr, slopers, sitstart


Le Mètre à Droite 7a+ 7a Christophe Grelaud overhang
Liaison Fer-Os (prolongé) 7a+ Tony Fouchereau traverse fltr, arete, sitstart


Dérapage Hippocéphale 7a Gilles Cottray overhang, sitstart
L'Aplat Loosa 7a Gilles Cottray wall, slopers, sitstart
Liaison Fer-Os 7a 7a+ Gilles Cottray arete, sitstart
Manège Artificiel 7a Gilles Cottray traverse frtl, sitstart
Vitrificator 7a 7a+ Gilles Cottray slightly overhanging, crimps, slopers
When Pigs Fly 7a Ivan Moreels dyno, sitstart


Abri d'Abattus 6c+ 7a Gilles Cottray roof
La Gay Pride (raccourci) 6c+ arete, slopers, sitstart
Pur Sang 6c+ 7a Gilles Cottray arete, slopers, crimps
Tes Reins Lourds 6c+ Gilles Cottray slightly overhanging, slopers, sitstart
Tribune Libre 6c+ Gilles Cottray, Frédéric Buc dihedral, slightly overhanging


Faute au Finish 6c Gilles Cottray traverse frtl
Le Virage des Tribunes 6c Gilles Cottray traverse frtl, slightly overhanging, sitstart
Les Caries Sages 6c Gilles Cottray slightly overhanging, sitstart
On Achève bien les Grimpeurs 6c Gilles Cottray overhang, sitstart


Bourre 1 6b+ Gilles Cottray belly, crack, sitstart
Boxe-Office 6b+ Gilles Cottray traverse fltr, slightly overhanging
L'Être y est Récalcitrant 6b+ Gilles Cottray crack, arete, sitstart
Mets les Patins! 6b+ Gilles Cottray wall
Sabot'age 6b+ Gilles Cottray slightly overhanging, sitstart


Cavalier Seul 6b 6c Gilles Cottray wall
L'Épris de l'Arche de Triomphe 6b Gilles Cottray traverse fltr, wall
La Cave à Lierre 6b Gilles Cottray slightly overhanging, sitstart
Les Tribunes 6b Gilles Cottray slightly overhanging


Les Culs Hier... 6a+ Gilles Cottray traverse frtl
Mort aux Dents! 6a+ Gilles Cottray overhang, sitstart
Quart à Colle 6a+ Gilles Cottray pillar


Cheval Va-Peur 6a Gilles Cottray pillar
L'Oppodrome 6a 6b Gilles Cottray dihedral
Le Tiercé Fatal 6a Gilles Cottray wall
Les Culs Rient 6a Gilles Cottray slightly overhanging, sitstart
Petit Manège 6a wall, traverse frtl, sitstart
Super Awesome Classic Five Star Line 6a 6a+ Amber Thornton slightly overhanging, slopers, sitstart


La Gay Pride (direct) 5+ mantle, sitstart
Le Sabot de Vénus 5+ Gilles Cottray arete, sitstart
Les Principes 5+ 6a Gilles Cottray wall, slightly overhanging
Quinté-Sens 5+ Gilles Cottray wall


L'Angle Haut à Rab 5 Gilles Cottray wall
Lande à Loup 5 Gilles Cottray slab
Plume de Cheval 5 Gilles Cottray slab
Trop Enlevé 5 Gilles Cottray arete, sitstart


Cheval 2,3 5- Gilles Cottray slab
Coup de Latte (de Parquet) 5- Gilles Cottray slightly overhanging
Cravache Folle 5- Gilles Cottray wall
Le Pet est Mû 5- Gilles Cottray slab, sitstart
Le Rôt des Hauts 5- Gilles Cottray slab, high
Tripot-Stalle 5- Gilles Cottray belly, sitstart


Cap'tain Paddock 4+ Gilles Cottray wall
Le Der'Bi 4+ Gilles Cottray slightly overhanging
Les Culs Pulls 4+ wall, monos
Les Quartés 4+ Gilles Cottray wall


Les Culs Monos 3 wall, monos, bidoigts


Les Culs Mules 2 wall, slab