New Problems

If you have opened a new problem (or if you want a problem to be published that is not yet on, please take the time to read the recommendations below and send all the necessary information to

To be sure 'your' problem is not already there please thoroughly check our database and all topos you own (including those with a grade significantly lower or higher than your proposal). Keep in mind that we have been climbing in Fontainebleau for decades and therefore it's almost impossible to create a new problem in a classic area even though it's not listed anywhere.

The precise location of the problem you propose is of course of upmost importance and it should be indicated in relation to known (circuit) problems, known paths or characteristic places. Indicate distances as required and we prefer "below" or "East" (for example) to "beyond" or "left" which may be ambiguous. Indicating its position on a scan of a topo is extremely useful.

Besides the styles ("overhang", "wall", "crimps", "slopers"...) also specify a morpho or expo character, and any eliminations/rules used. However, we are not in favor of eliminates, special methods, or other games on (existing) problems. Avoid "Run & jump" problems because the sand on the soles polishes the rock. Regardless of whether the start is done standing or sitting, ('bleau) ethics also require (as far as possible) that it is started out without a crash-pad: we ask openers to set the best example in this respect!

We will check very carefully to see if your proposed problem is new. The presence or absence of old traces (circuit arrows/markings) as well as the amount of moss or lichen you had to brush off is often (but not always!) a good indicator. Photos (with or without an indication of the line, with or without a climber) are much appreciated and will help us to avoid possible duplicates. Do not indicate your grade proposal on the photo because in time it can evolve enormously (by the discovery of another method, holds breaking...).

If all the criteria have been met, the choice of the name of your probem must not be confusing and must obey certain rules. In principle the basic version is the standing start and other versions have the same name with a qualifier like "sit", "right", "left", "extension"... (a word game using that one is also possible). Do not change the name if you have done/created a variant of an existing problem. If it's an independent problem, please take inspiration from the names of the problems around to choose yours (they are often based on the same theme). Make sure the name has not already been taken and don't use special symbols or names shorter than three letters because the search engine would be unable to find them.

All that is left is for us to wish that your new route will be a classic!

Climber: Fred Nicole Copyright: St├ęphan Denys