Œil pour Œil 7a La Reconnaissance

slightly overhanging, bidoigts
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Climber: Bertrand Ville
salut bart quelle prise as-tu pris au départ pour chaque main? - Anonymous (06-01-2005 20:47)
quelle main as-tu mis pour prendre le trou?
Quel main - Anonymous (06-01-2005 21:33)
Main droite: pince
Main gauche: petit gaston à gauche du pince

Pas départ sauté! Premier les deux pieds dans la face (mouvemeent le plus dur du voie) et apres avec ma main gauche (tres vite) au trou.

Sorry, my English is much better! I hope you understand my French!
hi bart - Anonymous (07-01-2005 18:03)
i will describe you my method in english to be clearer.
i start right hand on a kind of crimp with three or four fingers. i take a little crimp with my nail or something like that. i put my feet on good edges then i go straight to the two finger pocket left hand. the next movements are quite easy.
in my opnion it's quite easy for 7a. i will ask alexis if the real way should start from the arete on the left.
i hope my english is not so bad.

congratulations for your guidebook which very nice and easy to use.
i have also another question. how can i go to the mont simonet near the elephant. there is a lot of boulders which seem to be nice with pockets and i really enjoy to get there. i am expecting your answer.