Le Niveau Baisse 7b+ Roche aux Sabots

overhang, arete, sitstart
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le sol est bien bas... - Anonymous (01-06-2005 23:57)
Ca passe encore assis par terre ? Ou bien s'autorise-t-on le plat main droite (départ accroupi dans ce cas) ?
Le niveau baisse : toujours d'actualité - stef (02-06-2005 14:06)
Comme son nom l'indique le niveau baisse, mais le decollage a toujours été problématique, de memoire, on partait avec une micro cupule main droite en mono,+ jeté sur le plat dont tu parles surement....
Ce qui est sur c'est que ca passe aussi sans la cupule en question.... donc pas accroupi....et le crux est apres pour traverser vers l'arete ...
bon courage

merci - Anonymous (02-06-2005 15:50)
pour ces infos.
le niveau ne baisse plus - ... (05-06-2005 02:27)
ça passe toujours, départ assis, sans pad. Prendre le petit mono.
The start - Anonymous (08-06-2006 20:39)
Does anyone know how this boulder starts? I can only reach the low pincher (left hand) and nothing with my right hand. We tried this problem and were clueless as how to get our but of the ground. besides the start it seems like a very nice problem.

start - Anonymous (09-06-2006 15:34)
See the french discussion, they use the mono.
right, but - Victor (09-06-2006 16:27)
First, as you might know my french is very very poor. Second, when I sit on the ground I cannot reacht the mono. Not in a million years. One of the guys in the french discussion even sais he/she takes the mono without sitting on a crashpad. That's even less possible. This way the problem rapidly decreases in attraction.
le niveau baisse - stef (10-06-2006 16:47)
The start was the crux from the begining. French name is a joke, you can understand as "ground is lowering" or "climbing level decreases" because niveau can be translated "ground" or "climbing level " ...
D'ont know if you can reach the mono (it was the case at the beginning) but with the following combination : left toe hook, right feet, left hand ultra low you can do a "butt jump" sitted on sand.... Have a good spotter because the end is dangerous.

best regards

Thanx - Anonymous (10-06-2006 16:51)
Thanx a lot for the explanation.