Partie de Jambes en l'Air 7b Roche aux Sabots

traverse frtl, pockets

30m before the start of the red circuit, on a small boulder near the path to the parking lot. Start at a big horizontal hold, traverse to the left on pockets and slopers and exit at the big crack with an orange arrow.
NB: the traverse has been opened by starting with a big undercling right hand (red dot) but this one is often wet or dirty and the first easy move is not usually done.

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  • 7a+: 13.6%
  • 7b: 86.4%
  • (22 total)
Climber: Alain Perros
Climber: Pascal Auroy
Climber: Pascal Auroy Author: L. Planchard
jambe en l'air Gauche droite - Anonymous (16-04-2010 09:40)
la traversée jambe en l'air Gauche droite, à t'elle dèjà réalisée.
et si oui qu'elle cotation peut elle avoir.

merçi beaucoup
aller retour - Anonymous (03-07-2013 20:34)
is there an aller retour on this problem? if yes has anyone climbed it?