Rochers aux Voleurs (Biological reserve)    

Avoid leaving the paths and keep your dog on a leash from April to July.

Coquibus is an extremely sensitive area for several reasons and it must be protected. To do this, it is imperative to climb while limiting the impact on the environment as much as possible (brushing, magnesia, trampling the ground) in addition to the general recommendations on our ethics page.


Ali Baba 7b 7a+ GJou prow


Bobo Ashanti 7a+ 7b Fred traverse fltr, slopers, sitstart
Bobo Ashanti (raccourci) 7a Laurent Darlot traverse fltr, slopers, mantle


Flèche Blanche 3+ 4- mantle
Flèche Blanche (assis) 6c 7a David Evrard slightly overhanging, sitstart


L'Aigrefin 5+ Gars Des Bois, C. Larprise, Fred wall
L'Aigrefine 5+ Gars Des Bois arete
L'Amour et la Violence 7c+ Olivier Lebreton slightly overhanging, sitstart
L'Arête des Voleurs (assis) 6c+ arete, sitstart
L'Épineux 6c David Evrard crack, crimps, sitstart
L'Escamoteur 7b David Evrard slightly overhanging, arete
L'Escamoteur (assis) 7c Olivier Lebreton slightly overhanging, arete, sitstart
La Boîte à Mystères 7a 6c+ Carina, Fred, Gars Des Bois traverse frtl, slopers, sitstart
La Complotiste 6c+ 7a Gars Des Bois traverse fltr, slopers, sitstart
La Concave 6b wall, crimps
La Conspirationniste 7a 7a+ Gars Des Bois traverse frtl, slopers, sitstart
La Cour des Miracles 7b roof, sitstart
La Dalle à Coup d'Aire 8a Camille coudert prow, sitstart
La Main dans le Bac 7a+ 7b GJou prow, sitstart
La Rampe Perdue 7a 7a+ Gars Des Bois traverse frtl, slopers
La Traversée de l'Arête des Voleurs 7a traverse fltr, arete
Le Comploteur 6c C. Larprise, Fred slightly overhanging, crimps, sitstart
Les Voleurs 6c David Evrard slightly overhanging
Les Voleurs (assis) 7a David Evrard slightly overhanging, sitstart


Matéo 7b GJou slightly overhanging, arete, sitstart


Obépine Kénobi 7b David Evrard, Grégoire Thibault arete, crimps, sitstart