Éléphant Bout du Monde    


Le Bout du Monde is constituted of a long overhang hidden under the trees, to the South-West of the classical area of L'Éléphant, on which difficult traverses have been opened. The overhang is long-drying and only practicable in summer in general. It is thus recommended during hot periods. Please respect the engravings at the bottom of the overhang!
Access : from the first parking lot coming from Larchant, follow the path for 150m up to a fork. Take the left path and go up : the overhang can then be seen on its left.
Caution (June 2018) : the flakes above the right dihedral have become very loose, it is recommended to shorten almost every problem of that roof!


Le Déversoir (par le bas - aller-retour) 8a+ Christian Roumégoux traverse


La Boucle du Déversoir 8a Thierry Guéguen traverse


Le Bout du Monde (prolongé par le bas) 7c+ Thierry Guéguen traverse frtl


Le Bout du Monde (par le bas) 7c 7b+ Bernard Théret traverse frtl
Le Bout du Monde (prolongé) 7c Thierry Guéguen traverse frtl


Le Déversoir (par le bas) 7b+ Thierry Guéguen traverse fltr


Le Déversoir 7b Thierry Guéguen traverse fltr
Le Petit Bout du Monde (direct) 7b Christoph Reichert slightly overhanging, crimps, sitstart


Le Bout du Monde 7a Bernard Théret traverse frtl
Le Petit Bout du Monde 7a overhang, traverse fltr