Le Jardin d'Ulysse 7b+ 7c Montignotte (Biological reserve)

roof, mantle, sitstart
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Climber: Gérald Coste
!!!! - Anonymous (27-09-2009 22:48)
Le premier chemin (de la gorge du bois feuillé) est celui qui t'amène au grand bloc de palpitation et le fil damassé, avant d'y arriver, au 1 er carrefour prends à droite un petit sentier qui va se séparer en deux à 150 m environ, là il faut continuer sur celui de gauche (virage à gauche) et juste aprés avoir franchi un arbre au sol monter sur la droite pendant 50m.
Bonne chance, sinon on y retournera ensemble ;)
right!!! - ged1 (29-09-2009 21:18)
Neil, if you can, i can go in the forest friday for a short session (10h-13h30), i can show you the way to go to this boulder. And try with you...
At 10 - Anonymous (29-09-2009 23:03)
No problem for me! Friday at 10.
were is it - Anonymous (27-09-2009 20:23)
Hey guys I spent most of the day trining to find this problem, the problem is none of the paths have names so you just cant find this boulder, I found every boulder easyily on the topo, can someone draw a map or somthing, I am really looking to climb this problem

thanks - Anonymous (27-09-2009 23:32)
I know the bloc of fil damasse and palpitions, both I have been trying, I will look at your directions, I found a map tonight with the chemin you mentioned on it, but surley your directions makes it no were near the 100m from coup de foudre,

I will go look on my next rest day as I wasted my climbing day today looking for it, the rest of the blocs up there were fully in the sun and too hot to climb on

again - Anonymous (29-09-2009 20:58)
Gerald, My french translation is really bad, I took your directions today, I found the tree you spoke of, do you go left or right at this tree, I went left onto a ridge and found a quarry, then I went right, found some high boulders maybe a 100 meters away from the path, I then walked further up the vally untill almost the the top of the hill but I ran out of time :(

any pointers would be great or a map :)

great - Anonymous (29-09-2009 21:52)
Sounds good, should we meet at the parking at 10
GPS - Anonymous (29-09-2009 22:34)
Don't forget your GPS devices and email the coordinates to the editors :-)

dont worry - Anonymous (29-09-2009 22:55)
I will draw a proper map when I find it :)

you would not believe the amount of time I loose trying to find all these hidden boulders.........