Little Big Gueule 6c Cuisinière Crête Sud

wall, crack, mantle
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Starts at 06:35
Climber: Nalle Hukkataival Author: Neil Hart
corrigé - Anonymous (28-09-2004 19:20)
Effectivement, tous les topos donnent la voie en 6c : la provenance de la seconde cotation en 6b+ est douteuse. C'est un très joli bloc qui demande du métier et qui mérite sa cotation de 6c... tout comme certains 7a plus récents d'ailleurs ;-) Mais si on commence à chipoter sur les + et les -, on n'a pas fini...
No... - Anonymous (02-02-2010 14:00)
...I think it's this one :, but eliminating a good right hand side-pull, so a bit harder.
tricky and beautiful boulder - Anonymous (28-09-2004 17:45)
This must be 7a? I've seen several (really) strong climbers fail on this one, even with all the beta supplied. This can't be 6b/c.
modified - Anonymous (28-09-2004 19:20)
The topos indicate 6c. The boulder is tricky and certainly 6c... as well as some more recently opened 7a's ;-)
ok, hard 6c then... - Anonymous (30-09-2004 13:14)
ok, but a really tricky one indeed. Le Merluchet (without the big hold at the strart and 'crack' to the right higher up) to the left of LBG for instance is way easier. Well, no 7a then, but I think 6c+ is appropriate.
Classic mantle from \"Bleau Experience\"? - Philipp (02-02-2010 00:27)
Is the first boulder Little big gueule? Check - have to climb this boulder! pleas email me!
My god :( - Anonymous (04-02-2010 12:27)
Horrible to see how they "paint" the boulder with chalk. Their fingers are full and the guy up there adds even more.
...And I doubt they cleaned after, a perfect example of what not to do !