Écaille de Lune 7c 7b+ Gorges du Houx

overhang, sitstart
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7c version
Climber: Caro Sinno
How low ... ? - Anonymous (17-04-2012 13:54)
Hi Andre,
How low do you want to start ?
It's already a sit start !
low Version - Andre Wagner (16-04-2012 19:50)
is there any low version to ecaille already been climbed . cause the holds have bee chalked up
how to start - Andre Wagner (24-04-2012 15:20)
you could start really low in the dihydral use the triangle shaped thing as a undercling to start
départ bas - Richard Wagner (25-04-2012 12:25)
EVEN LOWER - Andre Wagner (26-04-2012 14:45)
i thought of starting even lower than in the vieo, with both hand on slopy undercling. would a anoth 2 moves to the low version seen in the video if possible