Mare aux Joncs    

  • Author: Thierry Guéguen

This sector gathers a few difficult an isolated boulders located in plot 48 and 49, in the North-East part of the Coquibus area, in the North face under the plateau of La Mare aux Joncs. Those problems are accessible by Le Chemin du Petit Mont Rouget from the last parking lot before the motorway along the road from Courances to Arbonne.


Trois Trous de Suspension 8a Christian Roumégoux roof


Le Tri-Phasé 7c+ Christian Roumégoux roof, pockets


Coup de Patte 7c Thierry Plaud sitstart, overhang, dyno
Ghost Rider 7c 7b+ Jan De Smit overhang
Le Prétexte 7c Jean-Baptiste Jourjon slightly overhanging, slopers


Arc Électrique 7b+ Yano Salaün overhang, sitstart
Infernal (direct) 7b+ 7b Yano Salaün wall, slopers
Lecture (assis) 7b+ Laurent Darlot wall, sitstart
Miladiou Connection 7b+ Tristoon Salson roof, pockets, traverse frtl


Craô le Sage 7b Yano Salaün wall
Fest Deiz (assis) 7b Laurent Julien slightly overhanging, sitstart, high
Infernal (gauche) 7b 7b+ Yano Salaün wall, slopers
La Boucle du Jeu de Paume 7b Neil Hart, Gérald Coste, Tony Fouchereau loop, slightly overhanging, dyno
Les Abstentionnistes 7b 7a+ Manuel Marquès slightly overhanging, mantle
Plasma 7b Yano Salaün roof, sitstart


Coup de Patate (assis) 7a+ Yano Salaün slightly overhanging, underclings, sitstart
Damned (assis) 7a+ Yano Salaün wall, arete, sitstart
Imiter, C'est Limité 7a+ Christian Roumégoux roof, dyno
Lecture 7a+ Laurent Darlot wall
Silly Cat 7a+ Yano Salaün roof, slab, sitstart
- 7a+ Eric Allayaud prow, slightly overhanging, sitstart


Damned 7a Yano Salaün arete, wall, slopers
Émoticône 7a 6c+ Yano Salaün slightly overhanging, sitstart
Fest Deiz 7a 7a+ Laurent Julien slightly overhanging, high
Fest Noz (assis) 7a Thierry Guéguen slightly overhanging, sitstart, high
Game of Throne 7a Yano Salaün prow, mantle
Le Jeu de Paume 7a 6c+ Christian Roumégoux slightly overhanging, dyno, sitstart
Rahan 7a Yano Salaün wall, crimps
Traoù Mad 7a Yano Salaün roof, wall, sitstart


Coucou Bernique (droite) 6c+ 7a Thierry Guéguen slightly overhanging, slab, sitstart
Coup de Patate 6c+ Yano Salaün slightly overhanging, underclings, crimps
Fest Noz 6c+ Thierry Guéguen slightly overhanging, high
Fish & Chips (gauche) 6c+ Yano Salaün prow, arete, sitstart
- 6c+ Eric Allayaud wall, crimps, sitstart


Fish & Chips (droite) 6c Yano Salaün prow, arete, sitstart
Traoù Du 6c Yano Salaün slightly overhanging


Coucou Bernique 6b+ 6c Thierry Guéguen slightly overhanging, sitstart
- 6b+ 6c slightly overhanging


Infernal (droite) 6b Yano Salaün wall, slab, slopers


La Belle Arête 6a Eric Allayaud arete, high
Le Beau Mur 6a wall, high


- 5 slab