sitstart, underclings, overhang
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topo BlocHeart - Anonymous (16-04-2009 11:41)
hello harald,

where can I buy your guidebook, called blocheart, in switzerland ?
is there a store nearly mesocco, cresciano or splügen ?
thanks for your helpful,

tjrs pas de repet pour ce bloc? - stouchae (16-04-2009 18:18)
Alors tjrs pas de repet? - slouvail (03-05-2010 17:34)
qui a tenté?
- - gjh (03-05-2010 21:04)
Que veut-dire "rouster"?
Ca veut dire - Pigeon, (04-05-2010 12:01)
prendre une rouste non?
Piz Buch und Berg - Anonymous (16-04-2009 15:35)
They have a shop in Zürich and an internet shop.
But it seems that the book is out of stock.
topo BlocHeart @"fontainebleau" - Anonymous (09-03-2010 12:32)
Hi Nicolas,

I have just seen your question concerning the BlocHeart guidebbook from last spring. Yes, it is sold out and not available any more, but I am preparing a new guidebook for Switzerland, a first volume will be available soon.
For more info have a look to our publishing-house webpage in the next weeks (

Good climbing!
noms - clak (03-05-2010 20:28)
faut jamais dire ceux qui se font rouster ...