L'Hypoténuse du Fou 7a Gorges du Houx Oiseaux de Proie Nord

Benoit Pelissier
slightly overhanging, dyno

Right problem in an overhang in an overhang underneath yellow n°13, 30m to the left of La Route du Mont Aigu, 150m before the crossing with La Route Jean when coming from the parking lot. Standing start to the right of La Diagonale du Fou with a horizontal crack, dyno to the arete and exit above.

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Climber: geoffroy diot
Climber: Filip Notebaert
Starts at 00:12
Climber: Benoit Pelissier
Présentation de Dunk et Kong - Anonymous (26-04-2012 01:36)
Hypoténuse du fou = Kong - Anonymous (06-05-2012 17:20)
Adieu Kong - reanoutr (07-05-2012 20:25)
Dommage, l'autre nom était meilleur.