Quetzal 7b+ 7c Puiselet Le Paradis

Frank Scherrer, Stéphane Brette
wall, crimps

Sector Bivouac, n°B1 of the topo du Puiselet Paradis (see also n°45 of the topo in "Grimper" n°82). To the left of Le Moaï.
NB : 7b morpho or 7c for smaller climbers.

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  • 4.6 Stars
  • (14 total)
  • Given grades
  • 7b+: 76.9%
  • 7c: 23.1%
  • (13 total)
Climber: Flouflou Copyright: Stéphan Denys
Starts at 02:44
Climber: Christophe Grelaud