Le Cadeau 7a Rocher du Télégraphe

Stéphan Denys, Frank Scherrer
prow, dyno, sitstart

On a large boulder underneath the ridge, at the western side of the area. Sitstart underneath the prow and exit to the right of the prow.
Access: From the La Feuillardière car park, follow Chemin de la Borne à l'Enfant and just before the childrens circuit, turn right onto Chemin de Trappe-Charrette. Pass underneath the aqueduct and turn left about 400m further, this is a few metres before a bend to the right. The boulder is situated just underneath the ridge.

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Climber: David Evrard Copyright: Stéphan Denys
Starts at 00:00
Climber: David Evrard
Climber: Filip Notebaert
Climber: Julien Vidal Author: François Perret
Author: David Evrard