Cross-Fit (prolongé) 7b+ Rocher du Télégraphe

Tony Fouchereau
slightly overhanging, traverse frtl, slopers

Low sitstart with two horizontal holds as for Cross-Fit, climb the overhang, traverse to the left (two possibilities) and mantle up above the start of Burpees.
NB : the two possibilities in the traverse are reported as "Cross-Fit prolongé" and "Cross-Fit prolongé par le bas" on the drawings.
It is also possible to continue for 3m on the left after a total rest (same grade).

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  • 3.7 Stars
  • (31 total)
  • Given grades
  • 7a+: 3.3%
  • 7b: 16.7%
  • 7b+: 50.0%
  • 7c: 30.0%
  • (30 total)
Starts at 01:43
Climber: Gilles Cottray Author: Frédéric Buc
Starts at 03:29
Climber: Frédéric Buc
Climber: Filip Notebaert