Boissy Vallée de l'Église    

  • Author: Gars Des Bois

Sector behind the football field. From the cemetery, cross the football field and continue on the right up the slope. The first boulder is near the top, in a pit exposed to the North, and with the particularity of having pebble inclusions (this is also the origin of the name "Boissy aux Cailles").


Austerlitz 8a 7c+ Maxime Baroud overhang, slopers, sitstart
Wagram 8a Sébastien Frigault traverse frtl, roof, sitstart


Cliff Hangar 7c Jules Nicouleau slightly overhanging
Cliff Hangar (assis) 7c 7c+ Jules Nicouleau slightly overhanging, sitstart
Micromégas 7c 7b+ Theo Konstantakopoulos crimps, dyno, sitstart
Micromégas (rallongé) 7c 7c+ Loïc DUBARD traverse fltr, crimps, sitstart
Waterloo 7c Sébastien Frigault traverse frtl, roof, sitstart


Invincible 7b+ Fab slightly overhanging, traverse frtl, sitstart
Pouvoir Souverain 7b+ 7b Theo Konstantakopoulos traverse fltr, crimps, sitstart
Râper et Couper 7b+ Markus Schmitt traverse fltr, slopers, mantle
Water Roof 7b+ 7b Thierry Guéguen roof, underclings
Waterloo (sans convention) 7b+ roof, sitstart


Économie du Partage 7b Theo Konstantakopoulos traverse fltr
Faux Pas 7b 7a+ Theo Konstantakopoulos slightly overhanging, crimps, sitstart


Bégnots Story 7a 7a+ Thierry Guéguen roof, sitstart
Bijou, Caillou, Genou 7a Justin Roupillon traverse fltr, slopers, sitstart
Blind Spot 7a Theo Konstantakopoulos traverse fltr, overhang, sitstart
Cajou-Line 7a Frédéric Buc, Gilles Cottray slightly overhanging, dyno, sitstart
Map of the Problematique 7a Fab traverse fltr, pockets, slopers


Fin de Siècle 6c+ Theo Konstantakopoulos traverse fltr, slightly overhanging, slopers
Pas par le Plafond (prolongé) 6c+ Frédéric Buc overhang, traverse fltr, sitstart


Blind Spot (direct) 6c Theo Konstantakopoulos overhang, sitstart


Pas par le Plafond 6b Julien Lefebvre overhang, sitstart


Genou 5+ arete, sitstart
Noir, Sans Sucre 5+ 6a Jimmy van Rijn, Jeroen Meijners arete