traverse frtl, roof, sitstart
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Climber: Manuel Marquès
exit - Anonymous (04-07-2013 00:24)
hi mates,
can anyone tell me howto do the left/direct exit of this problem please?


hi there - Anonymous (04-07-2013 21:11)
On the direct, skip all the big holds on the right. And go straight up on only the tiny crimps.
ok - Anonymous (05-07-2013 00:02)
i hadnotice that i must skip the jugs. from water roof, i go direct to the lip. on my best attempt i got a sidepull behind a little angle for the left hand, a round very sloppy lip for the right hand. but i did not suceed to get higher than that.

how did you did jan please?

how? - Anonymous (14-04-2012 20:00)
I started low left in the pitt of the roof, climbed / traversed to good undercling, with left hand edged on ledge, and exited left as for Begnots Story. With did I climbed then?

Both Waterproof and waterloo?