Le Pin 5 91.1


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Auteur: Gilbert Joubert
To the right.... - Anonymous (13-11-2006 10:27)
To the right of this problem the small arete (by the pine-tree) there is a distinct problem....which actually seems to be marked with blue (?) but I cannot make out the number. Does anyone have any info on this?
Re: To the right... - Anonymous (13-11-2006 12:23)

The arete in question is the one in the picture above. Just to the left of the tree-trunk.

This could be some eliminate of the red problem, but it seemed like pretty obvious independant line to me...
Re: - Anonymous (12-03-2007 11:54)
...On this wall you have 2 marked red boulders on the left-hand arete (red 2 and Red 2 bis around the corner).
It seems all too obvious that there is a separate problem on the right-hand (small) arete. Easier than the Red 2, but quite nice

No one done this one?