Cannonball 7b Franchard Isatis

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  • November 2022
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Climber: Jan De Smit Author: Ivan Moreels
les spécialistes - la sauterelle (12-06-2008 23:53)
ils ne savent faire que ça, à penser que les jetés c'est l'escalade des sauts
clean up! - prialiac (31-03-2013 23:47)
Parcouru les 25 bosses aujourd'hui, des centaines de grimpeurs agglutinés sur 4 massifs -les autres déserts- et des blocs tout blancs, qui ressemblent à tout sauf à des blocs de grès dans une forêt, lamentable.
Le clean-up day, ce serait de virer tous ces salopiaux tartineurs et les renvoyer dans leurs salles de pan!
????????? - Anonymous (12-06-2008 15:39)
I went to play on this today, but I have to say its totally ungradable, Its not really a dyno but a case of how high one can jump, you can stand on the ledge with no hands and still reach the same hight. After seeing jan in the video I was really keen to go try his problem, it is a very nice jump, but i can not grade it

ici comme ailleurs - toto (12-06-2008 19:42)
Comme tous les jumps, je ne vois pas comment on peut coter ça, celui-ci comme les autres: ça peut être "à vaches" ou impossible...
wrong idea - Anonymous (13-06-2008 00:04)
Sorry people if you get the wrong end of the stick, I am not saying anything about the problem, I am only saying it is difficult to grade as its not really a dyno, its a jump, jumping and doing a dyno are two different things in my eyes. I think it is a really cool problem. I have regestered my ascent but without a grade


eliminate? - Anonymous (29-03-2013 22:48)
I thought I'd done this, but it seems like what i did (double dyno as in @ 8:05) is not the line (that method felt maybe 6C+/7A?). i guess the 7B is an eliminate and you have to dyno straight to top hold on the right one-handed?
Exactly - Anonymous (30-03-2013 20:52)
Indeed, the 7b version of this problem is a direct dyno from the sidepull to the good hold far right.

Nicolas G
Shit - Anonymous (12-09-2007 13:41)
If you see anyone shitting behind this boulder, please rub him with his nose in it and give him (or her) a kick in the ass.
Nobody like's to clean up shit before trying a boulder!!!