Printemps d'Automne 6c+ 7a Rocher du Potala

arete, sitstart
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  • 18-04-2024: Mo Mirza
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Climber: Filip Notebaert
method - Anonymous (20-05-2008 22:53)
Can anyone tell me the correct line of this problem, I climbed it today using the method in the 7&8 book that says sit start and finish right of arete, I then watched the video and it climbs the left side of the arete. I found climing the left side very easy around 6c, ant climbing the right side just slightly harder

can anyone explain please

Correct line and correct grading - Anonymous (21-05-2008 12:38)
The left problem (climbed in the video) is in fact l'Été Indien 6b and 6c+ with a sit start according to the Trois Pignons guidebook by Naëls. I will ask the editors to add this problem to the website (the standing start is listed on this website) and to move the video there(*). The problem to the right of the arête is Printemps d'Automne and in my opinion it should be graded 6c+ or 6c+ (7a).

(*) Note of the editors : that's done!
thanks - Anonymous (22-05-2008 19:03)
thanks fro clearing that up, the grades sound about right to me as well, I took a video of one of the ways i did the right problem, I will link it soon