Les Compères Zappent (du fond) 7a+ Rocher de la Reine

roof, crack, sitstart
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  • 22-07-2023: Olaf Deppe
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3 possibilities - Anonymous (03-06-2013 00:46)
when you have the jug at the end of the crack:

-go left, exit in the slab (a blue or an orange) > this one 7a+

-go left, continue on the prow (compression moves) and exit at the end of the prow: c. ZAP du fond (7b+/c) for me the best line

-go right, 2 hard moves to catch the jug above the right lip then exit in "c zip" (7a) > this is c. ZIP du fond (7c+)

hope it s been clear :)
Compression zip du fond - Christoph Reichert (02-06-2013 20:08)
I don´t understand the difference between "Compression Zip du fond" and "Compression Zap du fond". To me it seems logical to go to the left ledge with left hand from the jug at the end of the crack and then continue climbing the prow. Is this "Compression zip d.f." or "Compr. zap d.F."?
Thank you ver much for your help