Salathé Wall (assis) 7c+ 7c Cuvier Rempart

Olivier Lebreton
slightly overhanging, crimps, sitstart

On the North ridge, between red n°15 and red n°16. Sitstart at the angle, climb the overhang to the left and exit in Salathé Wall.

  • Average rating
  • 4.2 Stars
  • (73 total)
  • Given grades
  • 7b+: 1.3%
  • 7c: 31.2%
  • 7c+: 66.2%
  • 8a: 1.3%
  • (77 total)
Climber: Bart van Raaij
Climber: Vincent Prot
Climber: Thomas Perréal
Starts at 01:10
Climber: Ludo Delmotte
Broken hold - Anonymous (11-03-2014 20:08)
I unfortunatly broke the right part of the stand start hold.
I think the problem is still feasable.
salathe wall assis - ben (12-02-2007 22:14)
hi there,

does anyone know the methode to do the assis way,the standing version i know!
helppppppppppp olivier !