Le Proueptologue 7b Cuvier Sorcières

prow, slightly overhanging, slopers
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  • 7b: 86.7%
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Climber: Filip Notebaert
Cotation - Anonymous (20-11-2012 22:47)
Stand starter 7a+ and sit start 7c+
yes it is - Aurel (20-11-2012 23:20)
Hi neil
Seems much like a good 7b to me. As for the sit, Little easier with the left heel hook on and the good crimp on the left
Confirmation - Anonymous (21-11-2012 15:04)
i Think 7a+ if you start with the right hand high in the right arete, and 7b if you start with the right hand in the midle of the arete. I hope you can understand my bad english...
whats the difference - Anonymous (20-11-2012 18:35)
Is this a stand start to the 7c+????? if so seems very hard for a 7a+
cheers - Anonymous (21-11-2012 22:13)
I understand your english perfect, sorry for not wrting in french, but I want to be clear about the stand start