Déserteur 7a Apremont Mare aux Biches

slightly overhanging, dyno, sitstart

In an evident overhang behind and above the boulder of Le Gong. Sitstart on the left with the lowest ramp as for Désertion, climb the overhang on the right up to the ledge and exit by a mantle.

  • Average rating
  • 3.1 Stars
  • (41 total)
  • Given grades
  • 6b+: 4.5%
  • 6c: 11.4%
  • 6c+: 13.6%
  • 7a: 70.5%
  • (44 total)
Author: Tony Fouchereau
Climber: Cyrille Duval
Climber: Martel François
Climber: Filip Notebaert