Tigre et Dragon (version obsolète) 8a Rocher Gréau

Olivier Lebreton
arête, dévers

30m derrière Les Conquistadores.
Mise à jour (février 2018) : la prise-clé le long de l'arête a cassé et la voie n'est plus réalisable avec sa version d'origine...

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Grimpeur: Vincent Prot
Grimpeur: Mathieu Bernaud
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The bidoigt hold - Dave (04-10-2006 12:21)
When will a solution be found on this boulder (Tigre et Dragon)...and which solution will it be, glue, an other way to climb this boulder or a closing of the boulder?

Solution? - Anonymous (04-10-2006 13:25)
Did a hold break? Michele Caminati climbed this problem one week ago!
Did a hold break? - Dave (05-10-2006 13:16)
No...it says on the page that the bidoigt hold has become very fragile and you shouldn't climb this boulder.
I Saw nothing strange - Anonymous (06-10-2006 19:07)
I Didn't know anything about the fragile hold. I inspected the boulder, cleaned the holds with brush, usual things... I did it after a few attempts and i didn't realize anything strange in the holds, it looked to me as the past year.
Damn... - Linus (07-10-2006 19:27)
Awesome...wanted to try this beautiful line last time I was in Font but didn't have the heart to feel, beacause of this "bidoigt" but now when it's OK and also cleaned and brushed...it will happened!
2007 - Anonymous (09-01-2007 00:05)
All seemed well on jan 1st 2007. Myself and Andy earl climbed it.