traverse frtl, slightly overhanging, sitstart
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Climber: skip
. - Anonymous (29-09-2009 13:23)
The direct line from the back of the roof is an open project. Good luck.
To Bernard Théret - Anonymous (10-09-2009 14:14)
Hi there, I climbed this bloc today, I have to say it is a stunning bloc, but I would not agree that it should be graded as a traverse, It climbes very much like a straight up problem, everymove you are gaining hight

also there was chalk on the underside of the boulder is this someones project? It looks like a nice line and I would like to try it


Also the topo for the area is wrong, you have no125 on two differnt boulders in two different sectors

Note of the editors : the numbering has been corrected!
thanks - Anonymous (29-09-2009 20:54)
thanks yano, I presume it is without the right arete