L'Entre-Toit (assis) 6b+ 6c Franchard Isatis

overhang, sitstart
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I doubt you'll have one - Fred (07-06-2010 18:51)
The problem of having a boulder and its "variantes" (sorry, I don't know the translation for that term) is an eternal debate on this website.
Some people want to register everything : 1 entry per game ; Some others just "allow" the original line, the others (standing/sit start, etc.) being considered as games around the "real" line.
Up to me, as far as I know the grade of a line, I don't mind not having the corresponding page on the site, but it's only my opinion :)
où démarrer assis ? - Anonymous (30-06-2013 15:24)
Bonjour, j'ai repéré ce bloc lors de mon dernier passage à isatis et je n'ai pas saisi où démarrer pour la version assise: à droite de la fissure (2 bacs) où à gauche ?


Why not make a separate page for standing vs sit start? - Anonymous (07-06-2010 00:11)
There is a clear grade difference between standing vs. sit start (6b vs. 6c) so in order to get a correct grade according to repeaters, there should be 2 pages to my opinion. To me, it doesn't feel right to post a standing start ascent on this page.
Non - frohaega (07-06-2010 00:55)
Une voie, une fiche. Et l'affichage de vos ébats du week-end, on s'en tape!
On the other hand... - Anonymous (07-06-2010 16:47)
... a constructive answer would be nice.