Les Bassesses du Fort Homme 6c Coquibus Grandes Vallées

Gilles Cottray
dévers, départ assis
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  • 3,0 Étoiles
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  • 6a+: 2,9%
  • 6b: 5,7%
  • 6c: 65,7%
  • 6c+: 2,9%
  • 7a: 22,9%
  • (35 au total)
Grimpeur: Jérôme Buc
Grimpeur: Bastien Carrière
Grimpeur: Tony Fouchereau
7a sans crochetage de talon gauche - Anonymous (07-07-2007 14:46)
Avec une crochetage de talon gauche ce bloc est plutôt 6a.
2 blocs? - Anonymous (02-05-2010 13:03)
un bloc avec le bac a gauche , un bloc sans .....
7a without heelhook left - Anonymous (07-07-2007 14:46)
Without any definition, I think this problem is 6a. The problem was probably opened without the heelhook left which is much harder.
sans heelhook - Anonymous (28-02-2011 18:38)
I did this today, I didnt even think to use the big hold left as in the video with toni, I climbed direct up the crack which felt hard, took me a few goes, maybe a little 7a this way, and I agree with the 6a for the left, maybe this should be 2 problems?