Jokari (droite) 7b 7b+ Franchard Sablons

Olivier Penel

Right variant of Jokari, on the boulder with La Dalle à Clément (red n°16). Sitstart is 7c (A. Allayaud).

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  • 3.6 Stars
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  • 6c: 1.5%
  • 7a+: 7.4%
  • 7b: 76.5%
  • 7b+: 13.2%
  • 7c: 1.5%
  • (68 total)
Climber: Rogier Koppejan
Climber: Filip Notebaert
Climber: Jonas Bracke Author: Jan De Smit
Climber: Cédric Morel
sit start - Anonymous (27-10-2010 02:19)
can we have a page for the sit start verison, as it is a completly different problem and its def much harder than the stand up version