Big Jim 6c 6c+ Petit Bois

Bernard Théret
mur, trous, haut

Près de la route, sur le premier grand bloc à droite du secteur.
NB : un ring est en place pour faire une moulinette.

  • Appréciation
  • 4,7 Étoiles
  • (162 au total)
  • Évaluation
  • 6a+: 0,6%
  • 6b: 0,6%
  • 6b+: 3,5%
  • 6c: 41,9%
  • 6c+: 48,3%
  • 7a: 4,7%
  • (172 au total)
Big is beautifull - Anonymous (09-12-2002 22:33)
Doesn't warrant the 6c+ grade. Only got 6c for it's (relative) height. Fysical difficulty is 6a+ at the most, well perhaps 6b. Big holds, big foot-holds, only the last move is a bit harder and - yes - also scary. It's just not 6c+. But who cares about the grade, it's a beautifull boulder, love it.

Not really - Anonymous (12-12-2002 21:17)
I don't really agree with you as I've seen some good climbers not being able to make the last move (especially if you're not so tall). There are a lot of 6C's that are easier. But like you say, who cares...